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company in Southern Ontario!

Bed bug heat extermination that works!

More people are getting bed bugs each and every day in Southern Ontario. Toronto in particular has been hit with a real bed bug epidemic that pest control companies are struggling to keep up with. Up until now the options for bed bug extermination were limited to the spraying of pesticides - No longer!

Pest Control for bed bugs using high temperature bed bug heat treatment has proven to be the best and only true method of 100% effective and 'green' bed bug extermination in Toronto! Raising the temperature to the thermal 'kill range' quickly kills all bed bugs and bed bug eggs dead! There is a new weapon in the fight to control this pest! No longer must you suffer with lengthy and laborious 'prep' and you do not have to subject your family to pesticides! Our discreet bed bug heat treatment is safe, effective, 'green' and is offered at a price that you can afford. Our reasonable rates and super efficient bed bug pest control system mean that we keep the cost down! Bed bugs extermination has never before been so effective - it's pest control that really works!

If you are suffering with bed bugs in the Toronto area you now have a 100% effective solution - Heat!

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...Dan and his team were really fantastic!!! My wife and I are so glad that we got GreenTech to help us and we would recommend them to everyone! Thank you!!!..." Michael B. - Toronto

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is Better!

Green Bed Bug Extermination that works!

Exterminating bed bugs using heat is not only the better option - it's the only option that truly works!

  • Heat kills ALL bed bugs and their eggs
  • There is NO use of pesticides
  • The heat permeates into every single nook and cranny of your home and kills the bed bugs where they are hiding!
  • The thermal treatment also purifies your home by killing bacteria, mould and other organisms in addition to the bed bugs as an added feature
  • Our bed bug extermination system is 100% safe for you, your home and your family!
  • 100% bed bug extermination in just one treatment!


Killing Bed Bugs with Heat is the only truly 'green' method of bed bug extermination.

It works 100% every time!

In the recent past, when one found oneself in need of bed bug pest control the choices were limited, painful, laborious and ineffective. You need an exterminator that has the knowledge and experience to do the job properly!

Now there is a truly cost effective and 100% effective solution to bed bug extermination in the Toronto area - Heat treatment! Not all bed bug heat treatment companies in the Toronto area are alike! Our company uses the best system for killing bed bugs in the world! This is discreet bed bug extermination that really works! Bed bug pest control has never before been this effective!

100% safe for family and pets at a great price!

Bed bugs cannot hide from our superior process, each and every insect and their eggs are killed quickly, efficiently and cost effectively using our superior bed bug extermination system! Bed bug extermination that works!

We are proud to have helped thousands of people get rid of their bed bugs over the past 10 years. We'd be happy to help you too!

K9 bed bug detection works!
K9 Bed Bug Detection

Expert K-9 bed bug inspections... See why these are so important!

Bed Bug heat treatment cost?
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost

Our patented bed bug extermination system is cost effective and it works!

Our 90 Day Service Guarantee
Service Guarantee

100% bed bug elimination with only one treatment... Problem solved!

Bed bug heat treatment Process
Bed Bug Heat Treatment Process

Green bed bug pest control that works better than any other in the world.

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