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Bed Bug Monitors

Monitoring for bed bugs has come a long way recent years. Often, people that suspect that they might have a bed bug problem or those that have already had bed bugs in their home and have successfully mitigated the problem wish to monitor for a reinfestation. There are also those that experience bites but want to confirm or eliminate the possibility that the bites are actually from bed bugs. Either way, using the latest technology for bed bug monitoring can give insight into whether bed bugs are actually living with you in your home.

To successfully monitor for bed bugs, a device must utilize some way of attracting them to itself and then 'catch' them so that the homeowner can see what (if anything) may have been 'caught'. There are two distinct ways in which different bed bug monitoring devices do this.

One device uses the primary method that bed bugs use to seek us out to feed on us - Carbon Dioxide. When we exhale as we breath Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is produced and it is this that the bed bugs use to find us. One device (linked below) is quite good at attracting any bed bugs that might be hiding in a room. this device produces its own artificial CO2 that is emitted into a room and acts as the attractant. It is important to note that those with small children or pets should keep them away from this device while it is in operation. Once they arrive at the 'trap' they are caught in the device for review by the homeowner. It is important to remember that bed bugs feed only around every 7-9 days so, depending on where the bed bug(s) are in their feeding cycle, this device may have to be set up a couple of times in the week.

Another device used for the monitoring of bed bugs utilizes a pheromone to attract the bed bugs. This device is small and can be put into little nooks and crannies between couch cushions and mattresses. The device is sided by clear plastic that reveals any bed bugs that may have been caught in its glue-type interior. We've seen some fairly good success utilizing this type of device.

After experiencing a bed bug infestation in your home and having it successfully mitigated, it is quite understandable that one may choose to monitor for another occurrence. Those that are in professional fields that are what we consider 'high risk' should monitor for future infestations.

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As with anything that you put in your home, read and follow any label and cautionary directions before use.

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Identifying bed bugs can be challenging to the untrained eye. This will help.

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