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Bed Bug Bites

Bed+Bug+Dogs+TorontoWaking up with bites after a somewhat disturbed sleep to find little red, itchy bites on parts of your body is not something one expects yet more and more people in Toronto are waking up with these bites and are simply not sure what they are.

Those without pets (pretty much eliminates the possibility of flees) that wake up with unexplained bites are suspecting more and more that they have been the victim of bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Detection

When a new bed bug problem presents itself in a home, often the first sign is waking up with the bites that are left behind after a bed bugs feed. When a new bed bug problem is present in a home it can often be very difficult to find an actual bug as they are very good at hiding and only come out to feed during the early hours of the morning – and even that only happens every seven to nine days. As bed bugs procreate quickly, it is imperative that the bed bugs be detected sooner rather than later.
Bed bug detection can be accomplished in a number of ways. A trained professional has around a 30% chance of detecting bed bugs in the early stages. High tech devices that mimic a human’s body temperature, scent and CO2 can be utilized, but by far the most effective method of bed bug detection is done with bed bug dogs.
Bed bug detection dogs can find a bed bug or egg quickly and with close to 100% accuracy! This can be done in as little as 30 minutes in a four bedroom home.

K-9 Bed bug detection


There are a number of companies in Toronto that offer K-9 bed bug detection. When selecting a company, ensure that they are certified by one or all of the following accreditation authorities in bed bug dog detection.

NESDCA – National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association
NADDA    – North American Detection Dog Association
These two agencies accredit not only the detection dogs but also the handler that accompanies that particular dog. In other words, the dog and the handler are certified as a team and they have proven their skills together in a number of important ways.
Each bed bug inspection dog team must demonstrate that they – as a team – are capable of detecting only live bed bugs and viable eggs. Makes sense, there is no sense in detecting dead bed bugs or non-viable eggs as that would be no good to anyone.
If you live in the Toronto area and suspect that you have bed bugs but aren’t sure, contact a reputable Toronto bed bug detection dogs team, book an appointment and you should have your answer in less than an hour.

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