Bed Bug Treatment Cost: What You Need to Know

How Much Does A Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

How Much Does A Bed Bug Treatment Cost?

Getting rid of bed bugs and preventing them in the future is crucial if you want to live in a healthy home. The sooner you deal with a lower level infestation, the better. However, many people worry about bed bug treatment cost. Calling in a professional can be pricy, so of course, some opt for DIY treatments before anything else. When you think about it, this can end up costing you more if it turns out you can’t fix your problem yourself. It can be more than worth hiring a pro it if you have a big infestation. You won’t always be able to get rid of bed bugs yourself, no matter how hard you try. They like to hide just about anywhere, from behind switchboards to curtain folds! Let’s talk more about the costs of bed bug treatment and what you need to know.

Beware Of Bed Bug Treatment Scams

There are lots of different treatments out there and not all are created equal so you must beware of unscrupulous operators who, sometimes, perpetrate scams! Some scams will not only fail to rid you of your bed bug problem, they may even spread the problem and make it much worse! You need to be thorough when selecting a treatment, or it could end up costing you much more than you bargained for. The scams can usually be sniffed out as they are offered at ridiculously low prices!. If something seems too good to be true here, then it usually will be. You may even find advice that tells you how to get rid of the bugs with things you already have at home, but the method won’t work. Treating the bugs is usually more complex than these scams make out. It’s a good idea to read reviews and research so you don’t waste your money. A quality operation does a thorough job and hires only the most professional staff. Look for an operation that charges a fair price based on the market that you live in. To do this properly you will have to do a little bit of homework.

Hiring An Exterminator

The most effective way to get rid of a bed bug infestation is by hiring an exterminator. They’ll be the most expensive option, but they’ll know exactly what to do to make sure your home is completely free of bugs. On average, a one time treatment from a professional exterminator costs $1,500. Pricy, right? This is why you should always take preventive measures where possible. It might be more hassle, but it’ll cost you less in the long run. The price will vary depending on a number of factors. For example, the price is more in larger cities, as the demand for bed bug treatment is higher. Treatment in smaller cities will therefore cost less. However, smaller city exterminators may not be as experienced and as apt as getting rid of the bugs as you’d hope. Many exterminators will give you a rough estimate on the phone if you persuade them, but some prefer to see your house in person before they tell you the cost. In general, treatment prices will be $500 and up.

Calculations show that you’ll usually pay .75 cents to 1 square foot of your home. So, a 2000 square foot home will be $1,500 – $2,000. It’s definitely worth bearing in mind that that’s the average price for one single treatment. Depending on your home and infestation, 2-3 treatments may be required to properly eradicate the problem. This could bump the cost all the way up to $6,000. Now you’re probably terrified!

In some cases, companies will charge an inspection fee of $100-$250. Not every company does this, though, and sometimes it’s credited back to your extermination bill. For a canine inspection, you may pay between $300-$600. Big buildings or hotels may be $900-$1200 for an inspection.

As it can be so costly, people are always tempted to take care of the bugs themselves. This can be effective, but only if you ensure you have taken care of every single bug, even the bugs that aren’t visible to you. If you don’t get rid of them all, they’ll continue to spread. You’ll need to carry out a thorough inspection yourself, checking behind things and under things. Even things like peeling wallpaper and the fridge! Only then will you know the extent of your infestation. Use a torch and card to help you.

Staying In A Hotel

If you do decide to have your home taken care of by a professional, there’s every chance they’ll recommend fumigation to take care of your problem. The problem with this is it can take up to 3 days, which of course means you’ll have to stay elsewhere. If you can’t get a family member or friend to put you up, you’ll need to pay for a hotel. Choose your hotel wisely to keep costs low! Oh, and don’t forget to check the hotel for bugs, either. Lighting might just strike twice.

Replacing Your Furniture

You shouldn’t get rid of your furniture if you can help it. After all, throwing it out could mean somebody else spots it and ends up taking it in, without the knowledge that it is riddled with these little pests. That being said, some pieces of furniture may end up stained due to bug blood and excrement. This isn’t nice to look at or easily cleaned, so you may need to replace your furniture after all. You’ll need to factor this into the overall cost of your treatment. You may need to replace your mattress, chairs, linens, curtains, and anything else the bugs were found in.

Doing It Yourself

Doing the work yourself will usually require more than one product to completely eradicate bugs. One method won’t usually be 100% effective unless used in conjunction with another treatment. The cost of the treatments you use depend on a whole number of things. However, you can expect to save anywhere from 25%-50%, as you aren’t paying labor charges. You may still need to factor in costs of replacing linen and items of furniture, so bear that in mind. You can use things like heat treatments, powders, sprays, encapsulators and interceptors. Make sure you read up on the treatments you plan on buying so you know exactly how to use them to get the most out of them and keep costs low. Buying treatment over and over again will take up more of your money and more of your time. The thought of saving up to 50% on treatment can be attractive, but you need to be sure that DIY methods are suitable for your problem. If not, you’ll only waste your money, make the problem worse, and need outside help later on.

Won’t They Go Away On Their Own?

In short, no. Bed bugs don’t just go away on their own. If you think you can just leave a room alone for a while and the bugs will die, you’re wrong. They can live up to a year without blood, in some cases. If they get extra hungry, they might even migrate to other rooms through cracks and holes to see what snacks they can get in there. Don’t leave bed bugs in the hope they’ll disappear, because they’ll take over your home! Everything that may have been infected needs to be treated, from luggage to pet beds.

Because of the costliness of treatment, it’s crucial you properly identify the bed bugs so you know this is your problem, and you’re not confusing it with something else. Don’t underestimate your problem if you want to treat it yourself either, as doing so could mean you end up spending more. If you have a bigger problem than first thought, chances are you’ll end up calling a pro and spending even more money!

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