Bed Bug Inspection: What You Can Expect


All types of pest infestation are a homeowner’s nightmare, but there’s no doubt that bed bugs are one of the worst situations of all.

Those tiny creatures may not cause long-lasting harm, but those bite marks are both annoying and unattractive. Worse still, bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) breed very quickly. If you spot signs of a potential infestation, you must act quickly. Those factors could include bite marks, bugs (dead or alive), and eggs. Either way, your best bet is to call an expert.

If you are going to invite a pest control management team into your home, you need to know that they are the right people for the job. The only way to do this successfully is to enter the process with open eyes. Here’s all you need to know.

An Inspection Is Needed

Let’s face it; there’s no smoke without fire. If you’re worried that your home is infested, then there’s a very strong probability that it is. In fact, you may have even gone to the trouble of using a magnifying glass and flashlight to look for definite signs. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you follow this up with a professional inspection.

You may boast the right intentions, but you don’t have the experience to spot every sign. More importantly, you don’t know how to properly access the damage or treat the areas. If you ever want your home to be returned to its best, you must have a professional inspection completed.

Furthermore, you need that inspection to take place soon. Some homeowners also wrongly believe that clean homes aren’t impacted. Bed bugs can surface in any property. Therefore, simply keeping the property clean will not entirely prevent the problem. And it certainly won’t rectify an existing infestation.

It Might Not Be Bed Bugs

Another reason for needing an expert is that bed bugs aren’t the only possible answer. There is a long list of possibilities, and you should be prepared for a whole host of different scenarios.

Treating bed bugs is a unique process that differs from other bugs and pests. Once again, this is why your personal inspection isn’t enough. Expecting to be told that the problem is something else is probably a little over the top. Nevertheless, being open minded is key.

Financial Help May Available

The laws of life dictate that your infestation will probably occur at the worst time imaginable. However, those financial elements shouldn’t force you into ignoring the situation. After all, leaving the issue will only allow those problems to escalate. Thankfully, even if funds are tight, there may be a solution.

In many territories, councils and government schemes will fork the bill. This is especially true if living in a home owned by the authorities as they’ll want to keep their assets in great health. However, even private homeowners can often find that help is available.

On the other hand, the most important thing is that the work is completed to the very best standard. Otherwise, your home could remain at risk of further damage and infestation.

Your Choice Of Inspector Is Key

With the above point in mind, you should certainly expect only the very best level of service. Subsequently, choosing the right team to enter your home is a priority that cannot be ignored. Once again, it’s your home we are dealing with. Anything less than perfection won’t suffice.

So what should you expect from your inspection team? For starters, you need to know that they are polite and happy to communicate. As a homeowner or tenant, you need to know that they are going to treat your home with care. If they don’t show this type of courtesy, you’re best off taking your business elsewhere.

Besides, if they aren’t prepared to answer questions or keep you updated, they may be rushing. Not only will this increase the possibility of missing crucial elements. Moreover, if could result in mistakes that make those problems even worse.

Ultimately, you need a team of inspectors that will work with honest and integrity. If they are worth the investment, they’ll appreciate your needs as a homeowner or tenant anyway. Of course, you don’t want to take too long accessing your options as quick action is key. Nonetheless, knowing that you’ve chosen the right person is key. Even if it means making a list of traits you desire, don’t be afraid to make the most of those opportunities.

An Inspection Can Take Hours

As far as responding to the situation is concerned, quick action is crucial. But when dealing with the problem itself, it’s important to remember that quality will that quality takes time. Essentially, it’s better to take a little extra time to perfect it now. Otherwise, rectifying the damage caused will require more time and money than you ever expected.

A thorough inspection is necessary to rid your home of pests, especially when it comes to bed bugs. They are tiny creatures that can squeeze into the tiniest of cracks. In addition to inspecting the mattress itself, the inspector should look at the frame and headboard. Some workers may show you what they are doing, such as wiping affected areas with baby wipes to analyze whether it’s a bed bug dropping. Others might not even have you in the room, but it will take some time. Likewise, they should be checking the floors, walls, and other places that could harbor bugs.

Bed bugs tend to stay within a relatively close distance of where humans sleep at night. However, that’s not to say that they can’t impact other areas of your home. The inspection should cover other areas of your home. After all, a partial removal isn’t going to cure anything in the long haul.

Essentially, quality has to take precedence over speed. Getting things right now will put you on the pathway to get back to a normal life far sooner. Better still, it will reduce your chances of ever suffering a similar situation in the future.

Work Shouldn’t Take Place Until After The Inspection

A medical team cannot find the best solution to a human illness without first diagnosing the problem. Guess what? A pest control team cannot produce the right results until they know what they are dealing with too. If a team attempts to start work before the inspection has been completed, this is a reason to get the alarm bells ringing.

If the pest management team rush into work, they will probably rid your home of the visible bed bugs. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to remove the source of your problem. Essentially, you may get a few days or weeks of peace. But before you know it, the bed bug trouble will return. The only way to solve your problem is to solve it now. If the inspector hasn’t surveyed the home properly, don’t be afraid to call another expert.

Death Is Necessary

Pest control teams no longer like to be called killers, but that is essentially what you are paying them to do. If you want to rid your home of the problem, you need to actively rid your home of the problem. Unfortunately, there is no other solution.

Killing the bugs and their eggs is key. The best teams will do this in a fast, effective manner that allows you to access your home again in next to no time. Moreover, they will complete the job in a way that means you can retain your furniture.

Having said that, treating yourself to a new mattress probably isn’t the worst idea you’ll ever have!

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