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Bed bug heat treatment Toronto – What you need to know!

keep-calm-and-be-smart-26More people who find themselves facing a bed bug problem in their home in Southern Ontario and particularly in the Toronto area are opting for the most successful form of bed bug treatment out there – Heat!
There are, however, some things that you should consider carefully when choosing a bed bug extermination company to conduct your heat treatment!

Choosing a bed bug exterminator to conduct your heat treatment

When looking through the myriad of ads by bed bug extermination companies based in Toronto that use heat to kill bed bugs it is extremely important to look beyond the flashy web design and colourful graphics. Look for substance and credibility when looking for an exterminator.
Chances are if you are reading this blog you’ve just found out that you have a bed bug problem. You’ve also likely done some web browsing and tried to learn as much about bed bugs as you possibly can in the limited time you’ve been able to research the subject. If you’re like most and you’ve just realized that you do in fact have bed bugs your mental state is probably somewhere between moderate mental discomfort and sheer panic – Relax, this is normal and happens to everyone that first finds out.
Now that you’ve calmed down a bit its time to study-up and learn something.

There are two different types of bed bug heat treatment companies:

1) Those with experience that are accredited, reputable and licensed
2) Those that are not
When it comes to being an exterminator in the legal sense in Ontario it means that the Company and it’s employees are trained, tested and licensed by the Government and its affiliates to conduct a bed bug extermination using Class 3 pesticides. Now, we’re talking about heat treatment here not pesticides… right?  Yes, but here’s the rub… When a company is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment it also means that they must carry the requisite insurance and have standards in place for safety – among other things. Essentially, the Ministry ensures that when a licensed ‘exterminator’ enters your home he or she has had at least the basic training and possesses at the least the basic knowledge of what they are doing. Essentially, it means that they possess a degree of credibility and there are regular governmental audits that look at the operation.

Here’s the loophole! Because those that use heat to kill bed bugs are not required by the Ministry to also be licensed (they’re not using pesticides) there exists NO safeguards for YOU that the person coming into your home has any clue whatsoever as to what they are doing or could tell the difference between a bed bug and a ’57 Chevy! In fact, this is happening every single day in Ontario to unsuspecting people!

There is a legislative loophole that allows ANYONE to call himself an ‘exterminator’ without having had any training, testing or oversight – whatsoever  so long as they don’t use a Class 3 pesticide!

If you think that’s scary, try this on for size: Did you know that if you hire a bed bug heat treatment company to conduct your extermination and they don’t have insurance you may be left holding the proverbial ball should something untoward take place.

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Selecting a company that is BBB accredited offers some advantages to the consumer. The BBB, although far from a ‘judicial body’ does require that an accredited company comply with some strict regulatory policies regarding advertising (the company can’t lie) and deals uniformly with any disputes that may arise between a company and its customers. In addition, the BBB awards a ‘grade’ based on numerous factors including how many (if any) complaints have been filed against a company, how those complaints were dealt with by the company, how long the company has been in business and confirms that the company is in fact a real company in the sense that it exists as a Corporation. In the case of bed bug exterminators, they also verify that any required Government licensing exists and is up to date.

Here’s what to remember when hiring a bed bug exterminator:


  1. Make absolutely sure that the heat treatment company you hire is licensed by the Ministry of the Environment! Ask for their ‘Operator License Number’
  2. Ensure that the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (Check!)
  3. Hire a company that compounds their credibility by being members in good standing with various Pest Management Associations. Examples would be SPMAO, NPMA and CPMA


What to watch out for: False Accreditation & False Claims


  • Watch out for companies that do not proudly display their licensing and accreditation clearly on their website!!! This is crucial!!!
  • Companies that have spent the time and effort becoming educated, becoming licensed and maintaining membership in industry organizations are proud of it! It will be on their website – look for those accreditations, if you don’t see them – move on!
  • Some companies in the Toronto area are actually lying about being a member of the BBB! If a company is truly a member of the BBB they must link the BBB logo to their BBB profile… if it doesn’t link be suspicious!
  • Some Toronto bed bug heat treatment companies have “Licensed” on their website – If they’re not licensed by the Ministry they’re being dishonest with you! Being “licensed” by the manufacturer of the equipment means nothing! When you call, ask WHO licenses them – If it’s not the Ministry, its meaningless.

It’s your home, you’ve worked tirelessly to pay for it and keep it in good shape – Do your homework! Remember, you are your best advocate. Heat is a fantastic way to kill bed bugs and, if done correctly, in just one treatment  the bed bug problem is most likely solved. If you hire the wrong company, however, your problems may just be getting started.

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