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We will be happy to refer you to some of Toronto's leading K-9 bed bug detection teams.

Have you seen advertisements for 'Free Bed Bug Inspection' in the Toronto area? Sure you have. Sounds enticing doesn't it? Sure it does. Who doesn't like "free"? Although it sounds great to have someone come in to conduct a "free" bed bug inspection there are some things you should be aware of before you decide to book one.

When dealing with bed bugs there are many instances where a homeowner might suspect that they have a problem but just can't seem to find the bugs themselves. They may be alerted to the potential for bed bugs by waking up with itchy bites or, in some circumstances, they might find some other evidence of the insects such as fecal matter, blood stained sheets or might even find some cast skins of the bed bugs themselves.

In any case, if the suspicion exists that bedbugs may have invaded your home it is indeed wise to seek a bed bug inspection of some type. However, should you call someone in who will do that inspection for "free"? Let's have a look at the potential negatives of such an arrangement.

There are essentially two ways that someone can search your home for bed bugs:

1) A visual inspection
2) A K-9 inspection

A visual inspection is simply that. A person uses a flashlight and physically searches your home for bed bugs or evidence that they are there. This type of inspection can produce results but the veracity of those results depends on the individual conducting the inspection. If the person knows what to look for, takes the time to really look hard and is experienced enough to know where to look - he/she may be able to find them.

A visual bed bug inspection is a tedious and quite laborious process which can take quite a bit of time to conduct (properly) and may still not be accurate enough to achieve an accurate result. At any rate, a properly done visual bed bug inspection takes a great deal of effort and time and one should not expect that to be free.

A K-9 bed bug inspection is described here in detail and can be quite accurate.

Should I get a free bed bug inspection?

Often times bed bug extermination companies will offer "free" bed bug inspections to their prospective customer. From a marketing point of view it makes sense. This type of offering allows the salesman an opportunity to actually make a visit to the customer's home and provides a real opportunity for that salesman to generate a 'sale'. However, the homeowner should be aware that there are unscrupulous individuals in the Toronto area that will simply say that there are bed bugs present when, in fact, there are not. This is proving to be a significant problem in the Toronto area. That's not say that all companies do this - it's just something to be aware of when looking for a free inspection.

If you choose to have a free bed bug inspection in your home and the person who conducts that inspection says that you have bed bugs, have them show you some evidence of what they are telling you.

Now, there is a difference between having an actual bedbug inspection and simply having an 'assessment' prior to a treatment (whether that be for a traditional bed bug treatment or a heat treatment). An 'assessment' is simply that, the technician will assess your particular situation regarding the size of your home, the amount of clutter, special procedures that may be required prior to your treatment etc. and to simply give you a quote for a bed bug service. A limited 'inspection' could very well be conducted to assess the severity of the existing bed bug problem but the purpose of that type of inspection is not to determine if there is a problem in the first place.

An actual bed bug inspection should be accomplished by someone who has no vested interest in the actual outcome - whether positive or negative. The only way to achieve this is by paying a nominal fee for that inspection to take place. That way the opinion of the inspector should stay impartial and you have a reasonable chance at an honest answer.

At GreenTech we believe that impartiality is very important and for that reason we do not provide free bed bug inspections in the Toronto area (or anywhere else for that matter). Should you find yourself in the position of needing a bed bug inspection we can arrange that for you. Our assessments, however, do remain free of charge.

Simply put, if you are in need of a bed bug inspection it is best not to choose someone who will conduct one for free as most of us know that nothing in life is "free" and some things that are important are well worth paying for.

Identifying bed bugs can be challenging to the untrained eye. This will help.

Below you will find links to great bed bug resources:

K-9 Bed Bug Detection

We will be happy to refer you to some of Toronto's leading K-9 bed bug detection teams.

We use some of Ontario's leading bed bug detection dog companies - Canada Canine Detection Corp., Sniff Pro Inc. and Purity to name just two - for our expert K-9 bed bug detection referrals.

Their dogs and handlers are specially trained in the United States and certified by some of North America's leading k-9 bed bug detection organizations.

We'd be happy to help you too!

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