How much does a bed bug heat treatment cost?

Bed bug heat treatment cost in Toronto?

Since the concept of killing bed bugs with heat was introduced into the Toronto and Southern Ontario area just a couple of years ago the cost associated with this type of treatment has declined significantly.

The different types of heat treatment systems each have their own price associated with them but their efficacy differs greatly and thus the amount that you pay will differ significantly from one to another! (click here for a detailed comparison)

Now, in the Toronto area and especially Hamilton to Guelph to Kitchener, the price to heat treat your home as an extermination method for bed bugs has settled down to a reasonable level and considering that you receive a one day treatment of your entire home that provides full eradication of the bedbugs in your home it has become the primary method of bed bugs extermination in these areas.

Heat treating for bed bugs takes a crew of two (more for multi-unit apartment buildings) as opposed to simply one individual who will exterminate with pesticides. Yet, when you consider that with heat you only need to 'prep' one time only - and a very limited 'prep' is all that is required. In addition, you are guaranteed to be rid of your bed bug problem in just a few short hours that day... If you know someone that has gone through the nightmare of the traditional pesticide spray routine and having to pay extra for each follow-up bed bug treatment you will see that the price of a heat treatment is very close to the traditional spray methods and proves to be cost effective in the end.

When all is considered our treatment system being by far the best, safest and most effective is offered on a per square foot basis. When quoting certain factors will be taken into consideration such as if the basement is 'finished', the severity of the bed bug infestation and so forth. Each individual situation is different and, as such, each quote is unique based on your particular home. Considering what you will likely pay an exterminator that does not use heat who will spend, at best, 1 hour in your home using chemicals, our treatment offers extreme value for your hard earned dollar. In other words, the price of a bed bug heat treatment is well worth it.

When you call us, our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will take some basic information from you regarding your home and give you a price range that you can expect. We will dispatch an experienced technician to your home at a time that's convenient for you for a free, no obligation on-site assessment during which time you will be given a solid quote based on your particular situation.

Yes! We will come early in the morning before work or in the evening when you get home.

Cost of our Mobile Bed Bug Heat Treatment Service

Our mobile bed bug heat treatment service is very reasonably priced based on three things:

  • A flat fee for the actual extermination treatment
  • The time it takes to load and unload the unit of your belongings
  • A reasonable and small fee per kilometer for travelling to your home for pickup and drop-off to your new home

When first introduced to Southern Ontario and Toronto in particular, the price of a bed bug heat treatment was extremely high relative to traditional extermination methods. Over the past two years the cost of the treatments have come down significantly while the equipment and methods have been improved significantly.

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