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Canine Bed Bug Detection

Dogs have long been used to sniff things out for human purposes... When it comes to bed bugs nothing is better at detection that a well trained bed bug sniffing dog!

K9 bed bug detection works! When in doubt as to if you actually have bed bugs in your home such as when you awake with unexplained bites but simply cannot find anything that may be causing it - it's time to bring in a bed bug detection dog.

Dogs find bed bugs where humans can't! It is quite common at the beginning of a bed bug problem to have only a couple or a few bed bugs in your home. These can be all but impossible to find for a human but a dog's specially trained nose can detect even just one bed bug or egg in your home with close to 100% accuracy!

If you are showing signs of bed bugs symptoms or If we feel that you are a good candidate for a bed bug dog inspection we will refer you to a leading K-9 detection company in Southern Ontario. Their dogs and handlers are specially trained and certified by North America's leading k-9 bed bug detection certification organization.

Expert K-9 Bed Bug Detection

When necessary we refer to some of Ontario's leading canine bed bug detection companies.. You can expect the dog and handler to service you the very next day or sooner.

Did you know that a properly trained bed bug dog goes through intensive training for up to 2 years before being tested and certified. But, it doesn't end there - the handler that teams with the dog must also certify together as a team. Only then are they deemed qualified to enter your home and it inspect it.

Highly trained and certified bed bug detection dog teams

We use some of Ontario's leading bed bug detection dog companies - Canada Canine Detection Corp. being one of them, for our expert K-9 bed bug detection referrals. Their dogs and handlers are specially trained in the United States and certified by some of North America's leading k-9 bed bug detection organizations.

The detection dogs attain an extremely high success rate!

The K-9 bed bug certification process is rigorous and intense. The handler and dog are tested both separately and as a team. To pass, both the dog and handler must demonstrate that they are able to detect and distinguish only live bed bugs and their eggs. Each one of these bed bug detection dogs is worth approximately $15,000, the handler around 40k per year but together - Priceless!


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