Compare Heat Treatments

How does our bed bug heat treatment system compare to other extermination methods?

Why GreenTech?


It's Safe
It works 100% every time!

The GreenTech closed loop glycol system is the safest most reliable and effective bed bug heat treatment system in the world. Our heat system uses NO dangerous chemicals. Just clean PURE HEAT.


It's Simple
It works 100% every time!

Instead of hours of preparation as required by other treatments only a few limited heat sensitive items need to be removed from your home before treatment.

Our system even kills the bedbugs in your clothes so you don't have to launder all of your clothing.


It's Effective
It works 100% every time!

Most importantly our system works! It heats to kill faster than any other system. The system heaters do not bring in outside air so the system maintains it's temperature in a much more effective way ensuring that every single bug and egg is killed in the process.


It's Green
It works 100% every time!

The GreenTech system is good for the environment and can run on B5 bio deisel an environmentally friendly fuel. The heat transfer fluid is environmentally friendly and, of course, there are NO CHEMICALS, just clean, pure heat.


How Does GreenTech Compare?


It works 100% every time!

More research is showing the dangers of exposing your family to chemical. Pesticides can be dangerous if applied improperly and are less than effective than any other method for bed bug extermination. Chemical treatments most often require that you throw out your belongings too - Not so with heat.


It works 100% every time!

Electric heat treatments are often unable to fix the problem due to the limited heat produced by the electric heaters. High voltage lines and hot heater elements inside the home all contribute to a dangerous mix often less than great results.


It works 100% every time!

Propane heaters pose a serious fire hazard. These systems are extremely inefficient due to having to take cold outside air and heat it before blowing it into the target area rather than recycling it as our system does. In addition, the combustion fumes enter the treatment area. Our glycol system beats this one hands down.

Our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is Simply The Best!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

As you can see, the methods and equipment we use are head and shoulders above the all the rest out there. See here for an interesting pictorial of our superior bed bug heat equipment. Our process is completely safe, 100% effective and is actually good for your home! When you compare our heat treatment to the others we come out on top in every category.

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