Does heat kill bed bugs? How hot? What temperature?

Does heat kill bed bugs? What temperature kills bed bugs? How hot does it have to be?

The simple answer is heat kills bed bugs! Heat has been scientifically proven to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. The question is how long does it take for heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs and what temperature must be achieved for a complete 'kill'?

Much study has been done in recognized institutions in the past three years on this very subject. Now there is real data backed up by leading scientific researchers that give us the answers we've been looking for. Dr. Dini Miller Ph.D is one of a few leading researchers in the field of killing bed bugs with heat. Dr. Miller, among others, have concluded scientifically that not only is it possible to kill bed bugs with heat but have indicated at what temperature and for how long to achieve optimum results.

What temperature kills bed bugs? How hot is hot enough?

The next obvious question is... what temperature is required to kill bed bugs and their eggs? Again, a great deal of effort has gone into studying this very question. The answer is simply that by heating up the area in which bed bugs are found to 120 - 140 degrees for at least 4 hours kills most bed bugs and their eggs. However, reputable bed bug exterminators that use heat will routinely keep the home heated at that temperature for longer than the 4 hours. The reason for this is to ensure that the heat permeates into every crack and crevice in the home - especially behind baseboards and underneath air vents.

Achieving the requisite temperature for bed bug extermination is best done via the glycol bed bug heat treatment system as that system can easily achieve the required temperature kill zone quickly and maintain that high temperature indefinitely without the use of propane or high-voltage electric heaters. The glycol system is simply more efficient and much safer than any other system.

Bed Bug Hiding Places

How long does it take for heat to kill bed bugs?

The length of time that it takes heat to kill bed bugs and their eggs depends on the environment in which you find the bed bugs. Of course, the answer depends on where the bed bugs are. For example, if the bed bugs are relatively out in the open (rare) say on the baseboard in plain sight, the heat of the treatment will directly impact the insect and it will not take but a few minutes for the bed bug to die. This scenario is not the common one however. More commonly, bed bugs hide in the smallest of places and, as a result, the heat treatment company must ensure that

  • The temperature of the heat treatment is sufficient to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are exposed to the thermal kill temperature range
  • Any clothing articles that left for treatment are piled a maximum of 3 inches thick
  • Proper air circulation is achieved in the treatment area to ensure maximum hot air flow throughout the structure

GreenTech Bug Heat uses the most advanced bed bug heat treatment technology to fully eradicate the entire bed bug population in just one heat treatment. Our equipment is computer controlled and guarantees that the exact thermal kill range required is maintained throughout the treatment process.