Post bed bug heat treatment re-entry procedures

Avoiding re-infestation prior to re-entering your home after your heat treatment

Great care is taken by our teams to ensure that your home is completely bed bug free by the time your bed bug heat treatment is completed.
At some point in time you or someone you know were exposed to bed bugs and brought them into your home. It is imperative that you make sure not to bring them back in again!
Below, you will find some procedures that you must follow to ensure that you do not re-infest your home subsequent to your heat treatment.
Remember - all it takes is just one bed bug to come back in with you for you to have the problem all over again... Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

Procedures to follow BEFORE re-entering after your treatment

  1. Ensure that ALL clothing that was worn by you and your family members the day of the treatment have been thoroughly washed and dried on 'high' for an hour in a modern dryer. Failure to accomplish this will likely lead to a re-infestation of your home.

  2. Make sure that any footwear that can be dried in a dryer have been for 1 hour. Footwear that cannot be safely dried this way should be wiped down thoroughly with a damp cloth and completely inspected to ensure that no bed bugs or eggs are present.

  3. Ensure that all family vehicles have been professionally detailed (steam cleaned and vacuumed). We see bed bugs in personal vehicles all the time! This is important. Professional steam cleaning and vacuuming of your family vehicle(s) is required to maintain your service warranty.

  4. Thoroughly check to make sure that any articles that were removed prior to the heat treatment are bed bug free. This may take some time but may very well save you from a re-infestation. It is best to wipe down all articles with a damp cloth prior to reintroducing these articles. Better yet, if possible do not reintroduce them for 18 months.

  5. Some people know where they got bed bug from in the first place (vacation etc.) but most do not. Try to retrace your actions and identify where you suspect you may have been exposed. Check your workstation or office. Perhaps you visit a friend that may have them and not know it. Put some thought into this because you may be able to avoid a re-infestation if you can pinpoint where you were exposed initially.

  6. Movie theaters, hospitals, hotels, taxi's, public transit, doctor's offices, daycare centers, recreation centers and other high-traffic public areas are all high risk areas for bed bugs. Anywhere there is an abundance of people there exists a higher degree of risk associated with being exposed to bed bugs. After visiting any one of these areas check to ensure that you do not have any on your clothing BEFORE re-entering your home.