Mobile Bed Bug Heat Treatment Toronto

A problem that many people have when dealing with bed bugs is what to do when you're moving?

If you move from one home or apartment to another without addressing your bed bug issue you will bring them with you to your new home!

Our Mobile Bed Bug Heat Treatment Unit is the solution to the problem of exterminating bed bug before you move!

For people living in Toronto and Southern Ontario the Mobile bed bug heat treatment is the solution!

That's right - we have the ability to treat your belongings before you move into a new home or apartment! Now you can prevent infesting your new home with bed bugs all at one time before you move and for a very reasonable price!

The Mobile Heat Treatment Unit

Our mobile bed bug heat treatment unit is a specially designed trailer that enables us to thermally treat your belongings while they are outside of your home or apartment. Pricing for our mobile bed bug heat treatment can be found here.

How the mobile bed bug heat extermination unit works

Our mobile bed bug heat treatment service works like this:

  • We deliver the unit to your home and park it in a convenient place for loading
  • You load your belongings into the mobile bed bug treatment unit as we wait for you on site
  • After loading, we drive the unit off site to our own company heat treatment area
  • We connect our heat treatment system to the mobile unit and begin the heat extermination process - monitoring the heat throughout the night to ensure proper temperature for a 100% kill
  • We keep your articles heating in our unit overnight until all of the bed bugs and their eggs are dead
  • We deliver your articles back to you the very next day to your new home where you unload the bed bug free articles right into your new home!

It's that simple! 100% effective and priced right!

We'd be happy to help you too!

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