Heat to kill bed bugs - How we monitor the temperature

Monitoring the temperature of your bed bug heat treatment

It is critical that the temperature of your bed bug heat treatment be monitored to ensure that:

  1. The temperature of the treatment area is maintained within the thermal kill range
  2. The temperature of the treatment area does not exceed the maximum prescribed safe temperature in any area(s) located within the treatment area
  3. The temperature of the ALL areas and articles located within the treatment area are raised to within the thermal kill range and maintained at those temperatures to ensure a complete extermination of all bed bugs and their eggs.

The equipment itself and the temperature adjustment controls are located on a computerized panel located at the back of the main glycol containment unit - just behind the burners themselves. This computer control is adjusted via L.E.D. push-button controls and regulates the automatic temperature regulation solenoid via sensor inputs located throughout the system starting with the main output from the burner section itself.

This equipment gives us complete control over the actual temperature of the glycol entering the system. However, the manifold valve system also enables us to fine tune the actual volume of system heat that is applied to each individual room if desired.

How do we determine the exact temperature of each room and article?

It is extremely important for us to be able to accurately read the EXACT temperature of individual items and areas! To do this we use the latest in infra-red laser temperature reading apparatus.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment This laser temperature 'gun' is accurate to +/- .1 degree F. which enables us to determine the temperature of each and every nook and cranny of your entire home with extreme accuracy! The importance of this cannot be overstated as it is necessary for each and every part of your home to be treated properly to ensure a positive outcome and full bed bug extermination.

Our company has very strict monitoring standards that are followed by our crews during your bed bug heat treatment. The crews follow these procedures to ensure

  • That your bed bug heat treatment is conducted safely (for the crew)
  • That your bed bug heat treatment is successful

Our standard operating procedures were developed in the same way as those used by airline pilots throughout the world. Being an experienced Airline Pilot with over 24 years of experience flying the most modern jets, our President Dan Morgan developed the system that all of our crews are trained to follow. Our procedures address the most critical aspects of safety and efficiency and ensure that your crew will operate with the utmost professionalism while working in your home.

We are very proud to have set the standard of professionalism in our industry and we look forward to showing you just how good we are.

Prior to the setup of our equipment your 'lead' crewmember will be happy to explain our procedures to you if you wish however, for safety, once the crew begins setting up we ask that you remain clear of the treatment area until such time as the 'lead' crewmember advises otherwise.

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