Why choose heat to kill bed bugs?

Pesticides may not work!

Up until recently the only way to exterminate bed bugs was by using chemicals (pesticides) in your home. The chemical spray method must be done multiple times to mitigate a bed bug infestation due to the nature of how bed bugs live and reproduce.

In addition, the old traditional spray method of bed bug extermination required the homeowner to accomplish a lengthy preparation prior to each of the multiple extermination visits while the homeowner had to vacate the home for up to 24 hours after each one. Even after all of this work, sometimes the traditional spray simply has little to no effectiveness.

There are good reasons for this:

  • Some bed bug strains have become resistant to the pesticides that are used for extermination in Canada
  • Often, the technician that uses the pesticides does not use them correctly
  • Homeowners are often unable to do the huge amount of work to correctly 'prep' their home (and the technician will simply not do that for you) prior to the exterminator arriving
  • The 'prep' can take days to accomplish!

Pesticides May Not Work

Bed Bug Heat Extermination is simply better!

  • Limited Preparation (our system exterminates your clothes too!)
  • One day, full bed bug and bed bug egg elimination from your entire home!
  • No harsh pesticides in your home or around your children and pets!
  • Our bed bug treatment system is the 'greenest' and most effective in the world!
  • Bed bug heat treatment is cost effective, safe and extremely effective!
  • 100% safe for you, your family and your home!

It is well documented that bed bugs - at every stage of life - are easily killed when exposed to the requisite thermal zone (temperature). In addition, the bed bug eggs are also killed when exposed to this temperature. Our system achieves the required temperature to kill bed bugs and their eggs quickly and maintains that temperature consistently until each and every bed bug and bedbug egg is dead.

Bed Bug Pest Control That Works!

Toronto area residents have long suffered with pest control methods for bed bug extermination that simply do not work!

Multiple chemical spray treatments that have little to no effect on bed bugs and were relegated to a position of having to treat their home multiple times at great expense and hours of preparation before each chemical treatment.

The chemical spray used to kill bed bugs was never great at killing bedbugs to begin with and has never had great efficacy but with the resurgence of what might accurately be described as a bed bug epidemic now facing us in the Toronto area and Southern Ontario the use of pesticides has reached a flurried pace. With the increase in the use of those chemicals the bed bug population in this area has developed a resistance to the extermination products used to kill bed bugs. This phenomena has made the control of this pest even harder to accomplish. As a result, Toronto homeowners are experiencing the worst of two worlds - they have a greatly increased risk of being exposed to bed bugs and when they get them it is harder to get rid of them!

For those with small children in the home or those living with an elderly parent the thought of putting chemicals in their home on a repeated basis is an unpleasant one.

When heat is used to treat a bed bug problem there is no use of chemicals. The process takes just a few short hours and the home is left purified of the bed bugs and most bacteria as well. Our system even kills mould while we're at it!

People in Toronto and Southern Ontario now have a truly 'green' option for bed bug pest control that works 100% each and every time.

See a technical 'spec' sheet on our Superior Heat Treatment System here.